Sunwood Higashi-Nihombashi Flats, Tokyo

Property Type: Apartment

Size from 404 SqFt to 433 SqFt

Year of completion:


Sunwood Higashi-Nihombashi Flats is a 14-storey residential project, comprising of 1 bedroom units by Sunwood Corporation Ltd. Sunwood was formerly with Mori Building group and now listed in JASDAQ at the Tokyo Stock Exchange. The units are fitted with wallpaper, kitchen, bathtub, shower and toilet as well as a floor heating in living and dining room.

Located in the Nihombashi area, the northern part of Chuo-ku, the project is classified under the "Mixed Urban Zone", a zone where commercial and residential buildings co-exist, within the Central Core Area (CCA) designed by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.Close to the CBDs and commercial zones, the area attracts people who want to live closer to their workplaces such as singles and Dual Income No Kids family. A 1-bedroom unit within this Sunwood Higashi-Nibombashi project with access to variety of train/subway lines to the CBDs and Haneda/Narita Airport matches the needs of people who choose to reside in this area.

The project is also near the Ryogoku Kokugikan, the famous Sumo coliseum. 

Residents of this project can utilize 3 different lines from 4 different stations, all of which are within a 3-minute walk, with direct access to Tokyo station (Marunouchi CBD) and Shinjuku staion (Shinjuku CBD), Higashi-nihombashi station offers direct access to both Haneda and Narita Airport.

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